"The customer's own words, expertly organized, edited and polished, combined with quantified results add up to a compelling success story!"
Kent Sorensen, IT Marketing Consultant

“Today’s B2B buyer is extremely risk-sensitive. You need to leverage trust-builders into each step of the journey (case studies, awards, data, testimonials, analyst support...)"

B2B Marketing Manifesto, Velocity Partners



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Microsoft Windows Client Group

NIIT Technologies

Black Box  Network Services

Trapp Online

Fuller Solutions

eMazzanti Technologies

Encore Technology Group

TOPS Software


Sage CRE

Ledgerwood Associates

Core Associates


“Love it. Great work, Kent!”

Ashley Capps, Creative Director, Trapp Online

“Great work product. Responsive, professional and spot-on from a content perspective for my industry.”

 Jennifer Hail, Black Box Corporation



Windows OS

Cloud, Infrastructure, Digital Services

Cloud, Infrastructure Management

Cloud Hosting, Integration, ISP

Custom Application Development

MSP, IT Consulting, IT Security, Cloud

Unified Communications

Community/HOA Management Software

Cloud Application Integration

Construction Software

Construction Software Dealer

Imaging and Document Management

All-In-One MSP Management Software

"This is damn good! This is Compelling!"

Patrick Fuller, CEO, Fuller Solutions

“Great case study. On point!

Fabulous copy!”

Zakia Ovington,

Senior Product Manager, US BMO Windows Client

“The work that you did for us is phenomenal! We’re using it to raise money with investors. In a couple of weeks, we will launch the content on our website.”

Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera

"Love, love, love the opening quote, and then it just gets better from there. I even love how you overcame the price objection. Very nice work!"

Andrea Drennen, TOPS Software

"You’re a very good story teller, and I’m thoroughly impressed with your interview!  You really were brilliant in eliciting some fantastic quotes!"

Inga Broerman, Chief Outsiders CMO




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