B2B Case Study Portfolio

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IT Services/Custom Software Development

“I would recommend them to similar organizations because of their competency, collaborative spirit and ease to work with.


IT Consulting and Services - Retail POS

"Working with eMazzanti has enabled us to create a scalable IT solution that we can roll out to multiple locations. It’s a huge cost savings in the future development and
growth of our company."


Cloud Hosted Condo/HOA Software

“Working with Trapp Online opens up more opportunities

for us to secure new business, and we saved more than $500,000 in development costs.”


Microsoft Windows Virtualization

“We can run better sales demonstrations and more 

virtual solutions on our laptops. That means more sales."


Mobile Access to Hosted Application

“With TOPS I effectively and immediately take care of 

the associations I represent. I go to an association 

with just an iPad or iPhone and have access to all of 

my information right there."


AP Approval and Routing in the Cloud

“Working with TimberScan is like having an extra person to route and file the invoices. We say it all the time—we love TimberScan!”


Salesforce/QuickBooks Cloud Integration

“It just runs. I’ve been working with computers since 1985; I can tell you hands down that InterWeave and Trapp Online are the best companies I’ve worked with in almost 30 years.”


Application Integration in the Cloud

“Integration in the Cloud space is what it’s all about. We worked for six months with other cloud providers and still didn’t have a solution. Trapp Online had our integration platform working on the Cloud in less than a week.”


Hosted Sage Timberline Software

"Putting our Timberline applications on the cloud keeps 

us in the Mac world, saves money and eliminates all 

of the usual IT problems." 


Hosted QuickBooks

“Sum of All Numbers is a joy to work with. They take the headache out of dental office bookkeeping."


QuickBooks Integration in the Cloud

“Trapp Online has helped me grow by at least 20%.”